New London, Connecticut
A Brief About New London, Connecticut

New London, Connecticut, a charming seaport city nestled at the confluence of history, arts, and maritime tradition, exudes vibrancy despite its modest size. Founded in 1646, it’s more than just a dot on the map; it’s a living museum adorned with a wealth of historical narratives. Home to the esteemed United States Coast Guard Academy, the city of New London stands on the global stage not only for its nautical legacy but also as an epicenter for coastal defense and maritime instruction. Positioned at the mouth of the Thames River, this coastal gem offers its 27,000+ residents enchanting waterfront views that are harmoniously paired with an eclectic array of shops, world-class restaurants, amazing schools, and a bustling arts community.

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The History Of New London, Connecticut

The history of New London, Connecticut, is as deep as the waters that border it. Surviving numerous challenges over the centuries, including raids during the Revolutionary War, the city was rebuilt each time with stalwart New England resilience.

The Revolutionary War

Throughout its history, New London has held a prominent place in America’s historical narrative, particularly tracing back to the Revolutionary War. Many landmarks and museums that tell these tales are still accessible for those interested in exploring the city’s preserved heritage. A notable event in Connecticut’s history, the infamous raid of September 6, 1781, orchestrated by Benedict Arnold, left the city in ruins, with numerous buildings and vessels destroyed. Arnold’s name remains a symbol of betrayal in New London, leading to annual remembrances of his disdainful attack. One of the surviving historical sites is the Shaw Mansion, which played a strategic role during the revolution and has now become the New London County Historical Society’s headquarters.

New London’s Role in the Whaling Industry

New London, Connecticut, emerged as a crucial hub in the 19th-century whaling industry, rivaled only by a few other ports such as Nantucket and New Bedford. Its strategic location on the Thames River, with easy access to the Atlantic Ocean, positioned it as an ideal launching point for whaling voyages that could last for years. As whaling vessels from New London traversed the globe in pursuit of their quarry, the city thrived economically and culturally, with the industry’s profits financing impressive urban development and contributing to its reputation as a bustling maritime community.

The Historic New London Harbor Light

One of its most enduring landmarks, the New London Harbor Light, has valiantly stood guard since its completion in 1801, making it the seventh oldest lighthouse in the United States. The lighthouse symbolizes the perseverance and maritime prowess that New London has carried through its age of whaling and shipbuilding prominence to the present day. This rich history adds to the character of the city, making it not only a center for naval operations but also a keeper of America’s maritime past.

Amazing Restaurants Around New London, Connecticut
On the Waterfront Restaurant
250 Pequot Ave, New London, CT 06320
Little Galapagos Restaurant & Bar
119 Broad St, New London CT 06320
The Social Bar + Kitchen
208 Bank St, New London, CT 06320
The Blue Duck Bar & Kitchen
52 Bank St, New London, CT 06320
Sellfish Restaurant
260 Pequot Ave, New London, CT 06320
Things To Do Around New London, Connecticut

Nestled at the edge of the Thames River, New London, Connecticut is a vibrant historical mosaic, rich with maritime experiences that chart back to its significant whaling past. For those yearning for adventure, culinary delights, cultural immersion, or simply a restful day by the seaside, New London presents an array of activities.

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London Harbor

Visitors to New London can explore a rich maritime heritage that extends into modern-day attractions, particularly around the historic London Harbor. One can embark on scenic harbor cruises that offer picturesque views of the coastline and glimpses into the area’s nautical past. The waterfront is also dotted with charming shops and seafood restaurants where locals and tourists alike can savor fresh, local cuisine. For those with an interest in the arts, the Harbor Light, standing tall as a guiding beacon, often serves as an inspiration for artists and photographers seeking to capture the essence of New London’s seafaring soul.

Thames River

The Thames River, a lifeblood of New London, provides an ideal setting for a variety of recreational activities. Whether it’s boating, fishing, or simply taking a tranquil walk along the riverfront, the Thames River offers a perfect reprieve from the bustle of everyday life. Its waters mirror the sky as kayaks and sailboats glide across, while anglers can often be found along the banks, casting their lines in the hopes of a plentiful catch.

Garde Arts Center

The Garde Arts Center is a cornerstone of cultural life in New London. As an artistic hub, the center hosts an eclectic mix of live performances ranging from Broadway shows and concerts to community theater and dance recitals. Housed in a historic 1926 movie palace, the Garde Arts Center also offers a unique cinematic experience with its schedule of classic films and current indie movies, making it a go-to destination for entertainment seekers.

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Ocean Beach Park

Ocean Beach Park beckons with its soft, golden sand and the refreshing Atlantic breeze, providing an idyllic spot for a day of relaxation or fun in the sun. Visitors can swim in the sparkling waters, bask under the summer sun, or stroll along the boardwalk enjoying carnival rides, mini-golf, and a variety of tasty treats from local vendors. Ocean Beach Park also features a nature walk, which allows guests to explore the local flora and fauna, adding to the allure of this seaside haven.

Custom House Maritime Museum

Custom House Maritime Museum, located on Bank Street, is a veritable treasure trove of maritime history. The museum preserves the rich seafaring past of New London through its exhibitions of navigational instruments, ship models, and maritime artifacts. Housed in a historic Custom House built in 1833, the museum offers educational programs and lighthouse tours that take visitors on a journey through time, showcasing the stories, customs, and people that have shaped this coastal community.

Education Around New London, Connecticut

New London, CT, offers a diverse selection of educational institutions, spanning from elementary level to high school, each designed to cater to the unique learning requirements and aspirations of your children. Below is a closer look at the various schools within the district, poised to shape the educational journey of your family.

Elementary Schools in New London, CT

The New London School District boasts a diverse array of elementary schools that cater to the educational needs of the community’s children through innovative programs and dedicated instruction.

C.B. Jennings International Elementary Magnet School

This institution is a beacon for those seeking a global education for their children. C.B. Jennings International Elementary Magnet School offers a curriculum infused with international studies, fostering cultural awareness and a love for learning in a multicultural setting.

Harbor Elementary School

Harbor Elementary School stands as a nurturing environment for young minds. The school emphasizes a comprehensive, student-centered education that encourages curious, confident, and compassionate learners.

Nathan Hale Arts Magnet School

This school is dedicated to integrating the arts into the academic experience. Nathan Hale Arts Magnet School allows students to explore their creativity and talents in a vibrant and supportive atmosphere, where the arts are a gateway to learning and personal growth.

Winthrop STEM Elementary Magnet School

Winthrop STEM Elementary Magnet School provides a curriculum focused on Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math (STEM). The school is committed to preparing students for the future by developing critical thinking skills through hands-on learning and innovative educational approaches.

middle schoolers

Middle Schools in East London, Connecticut

The New London School District extends its commitment to exceptional education at the middle school level, offering unique programs that cater to the diverse interests and capabilities of its students.

Bennie Dover Jackson Middle School

Bennie Dover Jackson Middle School serves as a nurturing ground for young adolescents to transition smoothly from their primary years towards a more structured and challenging high school setting. The school focuses on providing a supportive environment where students can excel academically and socially.

New London Visual and Performing Arts Magnet School

The New London Visual and Performing Arts Magnet School taps into the creative potential of its students. Offering specialized instruction in various arts disciplines, the school helps students to foster an appreciation for the arts while developing their individual artistic talents.

Science and Technology Magnet Pathway for Middle Grades

This pathway program within Bennie Dover Jackson Middle School emphasizes a STEM-focused curriculum. It prepares students for a future in science and technology by sparking interest in these fields through an engaging, hands-on learning experience that highlights the application of scientific and technological skills in real-world situations.

high school student

High Schools in New London, Connecticut

The journey of education continues in New London School District with its high schools that are dedicated to equipping students with the knowledge and skills necessary for success in higher education and future careers.

New London High School

New London High School stands as a testament to academic rigor and excellence. The school offers a comprehensive education with a wide range of courses, including Advanced Placement options, enabling students to challenge themselves and maximize their academic potential.

Science and Technology Magnet High School of Southeastern Connecticut (STMHS)

STMHS is a beacon for students passionate about science and technology. The magnet school provides a specialized curriculum that emphasizes STEM education, preparing students for the demands of a technologically driven world and encouraging them to become innovators and leaders in their field.

New London Visual and Performing Arts Magnet School

The New London Visual and Performing Arts Magnet School provides a stage where artistic talents flourish. This school offers an immersive arts education in a variety of disciplines, paired with a strong academic foundation, fostering the development of creative and critical thinking skills necessary for success in the competitive and dynamic landscape of the arts.

Community Happenings Around New London, Connecticut

Residents and visitors alike can actively engage in the New London county community by participating in local events and volunteering. The city offers a packed calendar of communal activities, ranging from farmers’ markets showcasing local produce to arts and music festivals that celebrate the area’s cultural diversity. Volunteering for environmental cleanup initiatives or joining local non-profit organizations helps in maintaining the city’s beauty and assists those in need. Whether it’s by joining a book club at the Public Library, attending city council meetings, or supporting local theater productions, there are countless opportunities to connect with and contribute to the vibrant tapestry that is New London, Connecticut.