Selecting An Agent & Selling Price


Deciding To Sell


Select An Agent & Price

Prepare For The Sale

Accept The Offer

Escrow Inspections & Appraisals

Close of Escrow!

Research Real Estate Agents

Look for agents with a good track record in your specific type of property and location.

If you’re considering buying a property in a certain area, it pays to research the agents involved—seek out those with a proven track record of success.

Don’t get caught up in stale promises, go in confidently, armed with knowledge about who has excelled in that type of property and locale before you. Invest in an agent who can provide the results you’ve been looking for, and make sure you have your bases covered to ensure the best purchase.

Interview Multiple Agents

Evaluate their knowledge, experience, and sales strategy before making a decision.

Finding the right real estate agent is no easy feat. Investigate the candidate’s knowledge and experience to ensure they are qualified for the job.

Furthermore, inquire about their sales strategy — what is their approach to marketing the house and working with clients? Think carefully about these aspects before making your decision and remember to stay focused on your goals as you look for a real estate agent.

Choose the Best Fit

Select the agent who you feel most comfortable with and who understands your goals.

Determine the Listing Price

Work with your agent to analyze comparable home sales, consider current market conditions, and set a competitive price.

Take the time to assess the available agents and make sure you choose the one that best understands your wants and needs. Find someone who listens and has your best interests in their heart; the perfect person is out there waiting for you!

Whether it’s having the right interpersonal chemistry or knowledge of the homebuying process, you should feel comfortable surrounded by the chosen individual.Shop around to ensure that you have the best possible agent who understands your offerings and will deliver on your goals.

Consider a Pre-appraisal

Having your home appraised before listing it can provide a realistic idea of its market value.

Getting your home appraised is a great way to understand its current market value. Before you set your listing price, this can help identify a realistic price point for potential buyers. Going through the appraisal process allows homeowners to feel better prepared before they start the process of selling their home, you start the process with a base knowledge of what your home could sell for.

Additionally, it can give real estate agents an accurate measuring stick with which to assess the amount of potential buyers might be willing to pay. Also giving you the opportunity to sell your home at a faster rate. It’s an important first step to get an honest perspective of your home’s value. This will give you a place to set your goals and standards.

Finalize the Listing Agreement

Review and sign the listing agreement with your agent, which outlines their duties and the agreed upon commission.

Ready to take the next step in listing your property? Signing the listing agreement with your agent is an essential part of the home selling process. This document outlines your agent’s duties as well as the agreed upon commission for their services.

Make sure to have your agreement reviewed in full before you sign, as you do not want to put yourself in a contract that is not beneficial for you. It’s important that everything is understood between you and your agent from the start, that way no issues arise after the process has already begun!

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